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Archbishop Marcus Sitticus von Hohenems (1612-1619)

11 May-28 October 2012

Archbishop Marcus Sitticus of Hohenems is of as much significance to Salzburg as his predecessor Wolf Dietrich and his successor Paris Lodron, yet he always stood in the shadows of both.

In only seven years of office Marcus Sitticus began reconstruction of the Cathedral, commissioned the building of Hellbrunn Palace including the gardens and had the most important city gates rebuilt. He founded the university and organized the first opera performance north of the Alps.

From the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the exhibit displays the only golden basin with his coat of arms. Portraits from the former Hohenems gallery in the Czech Republic are exhibited as well as a scene of Hellbrunn and the Cathedral that have never been on display in Salzburg before. Magnificent garments attest to how the Archbishop presented himself while goblets and altarpieces donated by him to brotherhoods and parishes attest to his struggle against the Reformation.

The exhibition and a conference in June will reevaluate the works of Marcus Sitticus in view of the glamour of holding a baroque court, the religious conflict, the further development of the city and the modernization of the state.

Marcus Sitticus mit Hellbrunn und Dom, 1618, Salzburg, Schloss Hellbrunn, Foto: Dommuseum/J. Kral

Hans Karl, Henkelschale, Florenz, Palazzo Pitti, Museo degli Argenti, Inv.Nr. 5/A.s.e., Foto: Antonio Quattrone, Florenz

Martyrium des hl. Thomas Becket, 1619, Hüttau, Pfarrkirche hl.Leonhard

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