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Cabinet of Curiosities

The cabinet of curiosities of Salzburg came into being during the second half of the 17th century. When the Prince bishopric ended, the objects in the collection were strewn apart and only the cabinets remained. In 1974, the cabinets were refilled to replicate a baroque cabinet of curiosities.
A baroque cabinet of curiosities was a collection of natural objects as well as works of art: stuffed animals, fossils, scientific equipment, works of cut rock crystal and ivory, etc. The pieces were not organized scientifically but rather according to the material or purpose. Contemporaries of the time differentiated between objects that were artificial, “artificialia” or natural, “naturalia”. The first type was considered the work of man and the second type the work of God. In their entirety they were meant to portray the cosmos.
The Cabinet of Curiosities is now part of the museum. The multifaceted collection appeals to an intuitive experience arousing curiosity and amazement.

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Cabinet of Curiosities, Armoire with Globes and Instruments. Cabinet of Curiosities, Armoire with Conches and Corals.

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