Garden of my Soul

Schöpfungsgedanken und -geschichten, tägliche Impulse, die mich mir selbst und der Natur um mich herum näher bringen.

Innere Bilder, die nähren und Spaziergänge in der Natur ... all das wird zu einem intensiven und nährenden Erlebnis.

auf Deutsch:


Ich höre auf äußere Geräusche.

Ich lausche meinem Atem.

Ich höre auf innere Stimmen.

Ich nähere mich der Stille an

und öffne mich für innere Bilder.

Ich werde still.

In dieser Stille ist Raum für mein Bild von Gott.

Hat „mein Gott" wirklich die Kraft meine Seele zu erfrischen?


Do you also hunger for nourishing food for your heart and soul? If so, Garden of my Soul might be the answer. Take a 28-day journey into the depth of your soul and encounter yourself as the image of a loving God. This is possible if you click on A daily input will help you on this journey and God will do his/her share too! Just give yourself a chance each day to encounter yourself and God – wherever you are, in whatever you do!


In sports, a time-out is a halt in the play. This allows the coaches of either team to communicate with the team, e.g., to determine strategy or inspire morale. In life, a time-out is even more essential. Stepping out of my routine, thinking about the next step in my life, calming down and breathing in fresh air and luckily being inspired to enjoy living and growing is the goal of the time-out with myself and the God of creation. If you are interested, skim through the garden of your soul via Internet.


I listen to noises in my surroundings.

I listen to my own breathing.

I listen to my inner voice.

I take my time becoming quiet and open myself for inner pictures.

I become quiet. 

In this silence there is room for my personal picture of God.

Does “my God” really have the power to refresh my soul?